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Our Mission

1. Master of Treatment

We believe an effective chiropractic treatment comes from well-equipped facility & well-educated chiropractors. We have the top quality air powered chiropractic tables with best support for the patients. We are equipped with high frequency digital x-ray system which minimizes radiation exposure for patients, and allows accurate diagnosis for doctors by taking clear pictures. Also, we adopted digital PACS system, using networks to send x-ray pictures instantly to each room in our office or to other healthcare facilities digitally when needed. Posture Angel Active Rehab System is specially designed to help patients engage and isolate only the targeted muscle groups, while minimizing distortional stress on the body as a whole. On top of all, our chiropractors continue on their education in learning new techniques and changes in healthcare system thru periodic seminars and constant communication with other healthcare professionals.

2. Master of Service

We have several features that will give a comfortable chiropractic service experience for everyone. We put another waiting area in the mid-section of our office, separate from the main lobby area. This second waiting area will give patients extra seating space. Our office is also built with numerous rooms, permitting each patient to have a private treatment session. We have flexible office hours. Especially for those prefer coming in early morning, we open at 7:30am on Wednesdays and Fridays. When one receives chiropractic treatment in the morning, pain will be reduced for the day and use their evening time more efficiently. Lastly, Swede Square Shopping Center can be easily accessed from Germantown Pike and has large parking area.

3. Master of Teamwork

We strongly believe the greatest chiropactic services can be delivered when the staffs are well rested and are in good condition themselves. We have a staff room; they can eat, rest, and chat during the free time. Another key element in teamwork is communication. Every morning we hold a short meeting session with doctors and staffs to share opinions about patient treatment plans, office administration, and more. We also promote constant communication and collaboration among the doctors and staffs by placing doctor’s rooms near the front desk. In addition, we appointed a Chief Clinic Coordinator, who is responsible for keeping a controlled office environment by supervising general office affairs.

..as our name “Maestro” tells, we are proud to say we work hard every day to achieve our final goal: be the top in providing satisfactory chiropractic services to everyone in this community.

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